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Aviator game for money
  • An online money game that you play at an online casino. Players bet on a growing multiplier — a departing red plane. The higher the plane, the higher the multiplier.
  • The most popular crash game in the world. Adrenaline and the ability to influence the result by withdrawing winnings at any moment is what makes Crash Aviator game one of the most popular gambling entertainment.
  • It will help you become rich in a couple of minutes. Place a bet of $1 and if you are lucky enough to see the x100 coefficient, you will win $ 100 in a couple of minutes. However, waiting for the x100 coefficient is an occupation for players with iron nerves.
Remember! If you do not have time to cash out the bet before the red plane leaves, then your bet will burn out and you lose. Crash Aviator game is pure adrenaline, a sense of risk and the joy of victory!
Aviator online game for real money is recognized as the most popular casino game according to many online casinos in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.
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How an Aviator works:
the rules of the game

Playing Aviator is as simple as counting 1-2-3. But the gameplay in the Aviator consists of three steps:

  1. Place a bet;
  2. Carefully observe the Aircraft after takeoff and the beginning of the multiplier growth;
  3. Cash out the bet before the Plane leaves, guaranteeing yourself a win.

Remember the key rules of how to play Aviator:

  • The multiplier increases with x1 simultaneously with the flight of the Aircraft. The longer the plane flies, the higher the multiplier grows.
  • Your winnings are determined by the size of the bet multiplied by the size of the multiplier at the time of withdrawal. For example, if your bet is $1 and the multiplier is $3, then 1×3 = $3 will be a win.
  • The multiplier is determined randomly. We advise you to keep a close eye on the history of multipliers, because sometimes mindfulness helps. For example, if you haven’t seen the x100 multiplier in the last hour, then there is a high probability that it will appear in the near future.

Aviator Game Algorithm

It is not difficult to play Aviator, as the game is intuitive even for a beginner in the field of gambling. The gameplay looks like this.

  1. Decide what amount of bet you are willing to make and place a bet.
  2. Remember that you can place two bets at the same time. By default, you see a field for one bet in the game interface. In the menu, you will see a plus icon next to it, clicking on which you will add a second field for bets.
  3. Press Cash Out during the round to withdraw your winnings.
  4. You will lose if you don’t click on the Cash Out button before the plane leaves.

How to hack a game

Let’s be honest, the players want to know the secret of how to hack the Aviator and find out the forecast for the next round. Each player would like to know when the x100 coefficient will fall next time, predicting the result of the round. However, no player will ever hack an Aviator and you need to put up with this idea.

Crash Aviator game was created in the world-renowned studio Spribe. The game has received licenses in many countries, which is possible only if a safe game and the confidentiality of personal data of participants are guaranteed.

In addition, if it were so easy to hack the Aviator, then Aviator would have long lost credibility among the players. Nevertheless, the game remains the most popular game in dozens of online casinos for several years in a row.

Main features of the Aviator online game

Creator of the Aviator game Spribe
Minimum bid 0.1 USD
Maximum bid 100 USD
Maximum win for one bet 10 000 USD
The ability to place two bets at the same time Yes
Auto-play Yes
RTP 97%
Availability of Provably Fair technology Yes
Demo version available Yes
The ability to play for real money Yes

Why do players choose Aviator?

The popularity of the Aviator game is off the scale so much that the Aviator has long been synonymous with the concept of crash game. We say crash game, we mean Aviator. We say Aviator, we mean the number 1 crash game. And this is not surprising.

The online Aviator game gives new sensations, allowing you to feel like a risky pilot. Your winnings depend on the height to which the pilot will be able to lift his red plane. The height is equal to the coefficient (multiplication) that will be applied to your winning bet.

The main thing here is not to overdo it and be able to stop the takeoff at the right moment. In other words, in time to press the button to cash out the bet before the plane stops climbing and flies away, that is, the multiplier growth stops.

Chat for Aviator players

The Aviator game attracts players, among other things, because it is possible to communicate with other players during the game. In the upper right part of the game interface (or after clicking the chat icon in the upper right corner of the mobile interface) there is a chat panel for players. In Aviator chat, players communicate with other players. Also, information about the biggest winnings is automatically published in the chat. This is a good opportunity to discuss rounds and multipliers with other players, as well as practice your English, because most players write in English.

Do not forget about the rules of polite behavior in the chat. Insults and other manifestations of disrespect and hatred are not allowed because of which the chat moderator can block you.

Download the Aviator game

Crash Aviator game was created for online casinos, so you can only play Aviator in an online casino, not counting the demo version of Aviator, which can be played without registration.

Since the Aviator is designed to play for real money in an online casino, the game cannot be downloaded. Moreover, a stable internet connection is required for the game. Instead of downloading the Aviator game, we suggest downloading online casino apps:

  • It is impossible to download Aviator on iPhone / iOS, as well as applications of almost all online casinos. Apple’s policy implies a ban on playing for money in the AppStore.
  • You won’t be able to download Aviator for Android either, but you can find a casino application by downloading which you can play Aviator in the Android application. Learn more on the page of your favorite online casino. Some casinos offer to download an Android application from GooglePlay, and some casinos offer to download an apk file for playing Aviator, which is equivalent to installing a mobile application. Play Aviator apk app is one of the options for how to play Aviator on Android.

Aviator Game Statistics

The player carefully observe the history of the Aviator rounds. Firstly, in the upper right corner of the interface there is a section My betting history, where all the latest bets are visible. Secondly, the last 60 bets are visible in the game interface, which approximately corresponds to one hour. What conclusions and forecasts to make using the betting history depends on you. In any case, this is useful information for players.

Provable Honesty Provably Fair Aviator Games

Every casino player wants to be sure that the casino administration does not interfere with the result of the round, trying to influence the result in their favor. Studio Spribe — the creator and owner of the rights to the Aviator game — took care of this in advance.

Before the start of each round, the Provably Fair system of provable honesty generates a multiplier, which will eventually fall out and at which the round will stop. Yes, you read it right — before the start of the round, the multiplier has already been determined at which the game will stop.

How to check the honesty of the Aviator game? In the Aviator menu, opposite the result in the History tab, there is an icon, clicking on which you will see the settings of Provably Fair. Each round of the game is determined by a combination of the server value and the first three bets of the round. The average value of this combination will be the result of the multiplier at which the Aviator’s round will stop.

But what is Provably Fair technology? This is a technology that guarantees 100% honesty of the game round in the Aviator. In short, the result of each round is not generated on the server of the creator of the game studio Spribe, but is generated with the participation of player bets and is completely transparent. In this case, no one manipulates the results of the round, including the Spribe studio and the online casino.

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions about the Aviator game

What is the duration of the round in the Aviator Spribe game?

The duration of each round in the Aviator game depends on the coefficient that will fall out. If the round stops at a coefficient of 1.1, then the duration of such a round is minimal. While the coefficient is growing, the round continues and your potential winnings are growing. On average, the duration of the round in the Aviator is from 8 to 30 seconds.

What is the minimum bet in the Aviator game?

The minimum bet in the Aviator is 0.1 USD, that is, only 10 cents. When manually adding the nominal value of the bet, the step is also 10 cents.

What is the maximum bid?

The maximum bet in Aviator is 100 USD, that is, 100 dollars. But the player is not limited to only one bet. Aviator rules allow you to place two bets at the same time.

The lowest coefficient in the Aviator game?

The lowest multiplier in the Aviator game is 1. Such a coefficient does not fall out often. According to statistics, no more than 1 time during 50 rounds. It is almost impossible to react to such a coefficient, so most likely you will lose this round.

How to play Aviator?

Determine the goal of the Aviator game. If you want to have a good time, then determine the amount you are willing to lose. We advise you to play Aviator at minimum bets, in this case the balance of your gaming account will stretch for a large number of rounds. If you are playing for money, then decide on the strategy of the game, because thoughtless keystroke is unlikely to lead to a win that suits you.

How to win in Aviator?

Remember that multipliers of 1.20 and less are considered unprofitable coefficients. Even with a small increase in the balance with a multiplier of x1.2, you will encounter multipliers of x1, x1.03 and the like, which will lead to a loss. In other words, even with a conservative version of the game, choose multipliers 1.2 – 2, which will allow you to be in the black if you lose in other rounds. The game on multipliers x2-4 is referred to as an average risk, and the game on multipliers x8 and higher is called high-risk.
Remember that multipliers of 1.20 and less are considered unprofitable coefficients. Even with a small increase in the balance with a multiplier of x1.2, you will encounter multipliers of x1, x1.03 and the like, which will lead to a loss. In other words, even with a conservative version of the game, choose multipliers 1.2 – 2, which will allow you to be in the black if you lose in other rounds. The game on multipliers x2-4 is referred to as an average risk, and the game on multipliers x8 and higher is called high-risk.

The highest coefficient in the Aviator?

The maximum coefficient in the Aviator game is a multiplier of 200. This coefficient does not fall out often. According to the research of our portal, this happens once in 60-80 minutes.

How to download the Aviator game?

It is impossible to download the Aviator game because it is an online game that is part of an online casino. You can download the online casino app and play Aviator in the online casino app.

How to predict the outcome of a round in the Aviator game?

It is impossible to predict the outcome of the round in the Aviator. Although there is an opinion among the players that the forecast for the Aviator round is possible with the help of software, in fact these are false statements. We advise players to follow a certain strategy of the game and carefully observe the trends of the rounds in the Aviator, which will help make the right choice. However, it is impossible to make an accurate forecast in the Aviator.

How do I make a deposit on the Aviator game?

To make a deposit on the Aviator game, you need to register on the online casino website, deposit the amount to the game balance. Having the amount on the game account, start playing Aviator.

How to withdraw money from the Aviator?

If you have won in Aviator, then most likely you are already registered in an online casino. See what ways to withdraw winnings the online casino offers, choose one of them and follow the instructions. Do not forget that the casino will require verification of your identity, which is easy to do by sending your identity card.

Where to play Aviator — Registration sites

The Aviator game is available in many online casinos. We advise you to choose proven, honest and reliable online casinos. Only in this case you are playing the licensed and official version of Aviator. How to choose a casino to play Aviator:

  • Check if the casino has a license in the legal information section
  • Read online casino reviews
  • In the reviews, pay attention to the problems of users. For example, the annoyance of losing will say little about anything, but if the player did not receive a win from the casino, then this is a serious reason to pay attention to this casino.

After choosing a casino to play Aviator, register by filling out the registration form on the casino page. As a rule, online casinos offer the following registration methods:

  • Registration by mobile phone number
  • Registration by e-mail
  • Registration using a social media account

Choose the registration method that suits you best. In any case, do not forget to confirm the account, because it removes the extra headache if you forget, for example, the account password. In addition, in case of payment of winnings to the online casino administration, it is still necessary to verify identity documents, because this is a requirement of the authorities to combat money laundering.

We recommend playing Aviator only on official online casino sites. The list of virtual casino sites where you can honestly play Aviator Spribe is available at the link below:

Making a deposit and withdrawing winnings in the Aviator game

In order to play Aviator for money, register on the official website of the online casino, where the Aviator game is presented. Immediately after registration, we recommend making a deposit, because many online casinos give a welcome bonus when making the first deposit within an hour after registration.

Topping up your account in the Aviator game takes less than a minute of your time and consists of only three steps.

  1. Click the top up button in 1 click in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Select the deposit method and enter the desired amount.
  3. Confirm the payment.

As a rule, online casinos offer the following ways to replenish the balance:

  • Bank cards Visa, MasterCard and others
  • Electronic wallets
  • Cryptocurrency

Demo version of the Aviator game

Many games choose the demo version of the Aviator game before playing Aviator for real money. What are the advantages of this approach?

  • The opportunity to better understand the rules of the game
  • Training of reaction speed, which is necessary when withdrawing winnings
  • An attempt to build the right game strategy based on your game score and goals
  • The game is on a test balance, that is, it is impossible to lose real money

Playing the demo version of the Aviator allows you to play for free and better understand the game, but at the same time it is impossible to win real money. Even if you finish the game with a positive balance, it will be impossible to convert the test balance into a real win.


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