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  • Aviator is one of the online gambling games that can be found in online casinos. The exceptional feature of the game is a red plane starting to take off. Players make their bets on a growing multiplier and take into account the height of the plane — the higher the altitude of the plane, the higher the multiplier.
  • Aviator is among the most popular crush-style games all over the world. Thrilling moments during the process of playing do not leave anyone indifferent. The opportunity to influence the result of the game makes this game in a sense one-of-a-kind.
  • Bear in mind an important rule that if you do not withdraw your winnings until the moment when the red plane finishes its take-off, you will lose them. This game is made of adrenalin-rush thrill, heart-pounding experience, and excitement.
Note! If you do not have time to activate the bet before the plane leaves, your money will be burned.
Aviator is one of the most popular games in the world, as evidenced by the statistics of the leading online casinos in 2020–2023.
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The Essence of the Game Aviator

The peculiarity of the game is that your success depends mostly on your patience, advertency, and readiness for risk. The rules are not complicated and consist of three steps:

  1. Make your bet.
  2. Watch the plane after it takes off. Be attentive and consider the growth of a multiplier.
  3. Make sure you catch the bet before the plane is gone.

The overall amount of your win depends on how much you wagered at the start. The more you bet, the higher the reward can be. Here, everything depends on you and your attentiveness.
The crucial moment of the whole process is to make the right moves at the right time. If you are not risky enough, you will win a smaller amount, and at the same time, if you are too greedy, you may miss that right moment when you have to withdraw and the plane will be gone, leaving you with nothing at all.

Please remember the following:

  • The growth of a multiplier starts with the first move of the plane, rising higher in amount in proportion as the plane flies higher.
  • Your final winning sum depends on the amount of your wager in the beginning and the volume of a multiplier that was actual at the moment of withdrawal;
  • The volume of a multiplier is determined in a random order.

Aviator Game Algorithm

The Aviator game is intuitively comprehensible and user-friendly even for a newcomer to the world of gambling. In general, the process of gambling here can be described in several steps:

  1. Start with your bet. You need to decide on a certain amount that you are ready to risk.
  2. The game gives you an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. That is, you may wager two bets instead of only one. There is only one field for making bets by default, however, if you push the star located near it, you will open a field for another bet.
  3. During the game, when you think it is high time for withdrawal, you may click the Cash Out button to get your winnings.
  4. Be careful with the time allowed for withdrawal. Once the time limit for it is over, you will lose unless you perform the withdrawal before.

How to Crack Aviator Game

Some players sometimes succumb to the temptation to gamble unfairly. When we talk about the Aviator game, the unfair play implies the data concerning the future multiplier (coefficient), especially a big one, for instance, x100. Such players are eager to find it out and try to hack the program code of the game.

However, we must admit with relief that such a scam is totally impossible. The fact of the matter is that the Aviator game was created by world-known software developer Spribe. All online games are created by this company with the help of modern encryption systems that make any swindle futile and a waste of time.

This is proved by the game’s reputation and multiple gamer comments and feedback. Nobody would want to get involved in something insecure. Moreover, the fact that the game is one of the most popular in many casinos eliminates all possible suspicions of those who still hesitate.

General Description of Online Aviator Game

Software Developer Spribe
Minimum Bet 0.1 USD
Maximum Bet 100 USD
Maximum Withdrawal for One Bet 10 000 USD
Availability for Two Simultaneous Bets Yes
Availability of autoplay Yes
Real-Time Protocol 97%
Availability of Provable Fair Technology Yes
Availability of Demo Version Yes
Opportunity to Play for Real Money Ye

The Reasons Why Gamblers Prefer Aviator

The crush game Aviator is extraordinarily popular. When somebody mentions a crush game, the first thing that comes into mind is the Aviator game among the rest of similar titles. And there is an explanation for that.

Airplane flights are a risky process for anyone. The Aviator online game allows you to experience those feelings that approximately resemble the feelings of a pilot of a jet plane during a flight. You feel excited. Adrenal glands exude adrenalin that rushes into your veins and inspires you for a risk that otherwise you would not allow.

Thrilling and exalted feelings overwhelm you as far as the red plane pulls up until you push the button and triumphantly withdraw your winning. You made it in time and did not let the plane, while your rivals are left with nothing!

The Chat for the Game Aviator Players

One of the distinctive features of the game is the availability of communication. The platform is ready to introduce a special chat for all gamblers in a real-time mode. When you draw your attention to the top right corner of your desktop screen or your smartphone device, you will notice the special panel designed for chatting during the process of gambling.

Except for communication, all players can see in the chat window the updated information regarding the top winnings that, in turn, make them strive to achieve the same and even higher reward. Competitive spirit is another unique feature of the game.

The chat gives a perfect opportunity to share thoughts and opinions about the benefits and drawbacks of certain moments of the game. In the real-time moment, using the chat, you may let off some steam in case of loss or share your triumph by yelling “WOW!!! I WON!” if you make a scoop.

How to Download Aviator Game

The Aviator game is one of the hundreds of other online casino games. This game is peculiar for its feature to gamble for real money, and such games cannot be found and downloaded separately except for the demo version of the game.

All online casino games have been developed in such a way that you cannot download and install them unless you download one of the online casino applications. Once you download one of the online casino applications, you can find the Aviator game there. Thus, when choosing this or that online casino, do inquire whether they have available the Aviator game in their list of online games. If yes, download it and install the chosen application.

Installation of such applications can be done on a desktop, on a smartphone (Android), or on an iPhone (iOS). If your mobile device is operated by Android, you may be offered to find and download the Aviator game straight from Google Play. In contrast, some online gambling platforms suggest you download a special corresponding APK file. If you install the game through an APK file, it will have the look of a separate application on your smartphone, which you may enter by omitting an online casino application.

The History of Your Success in Aviator Game

All gamblers have a perfect opportunity to track the history of already played games and correct their strategy if needed. Detailed statistics of all past games are available for those who are aware of their importance. In the top right corner of the interface, one can find “The history of my bets,” which vividly shows all the latest wagers. There is also an option to see the last sixty bets that correspond to about the last sixty minutes.

A player guided by such information can always make the right decisions, correct a situation if needed, or just make a short coffee break.

Aviator Game: Provably Fair or Not

All of us cherish the hope that there is nobody who has the possibility to infiltrate the program code of the Aviator game, changing the results of any game in favor of a certain beneficiary. A software developer Spribe created this game involving the best encryption methods that ensure fairness and transparency.

As one of the examples, there is an implementation of a provable fairness system based on a Provably Fair technology. Such technology generates a random final multiplier that will finish the round before the start of another one.

There is a possibility to check the fairness of the Aviator game. In simple words, all rounds of the game are defined with a combination of server value and the first three bets of the round. The mean value of the combination makes the multiplier that finishes any round. You may find such information in the tab History near the data containing the results by clicking on the corresponding icon. There, you may see the Provably Fair settings.

The Provably Fair technology guarantees the fair results of any activity in the game. The final results of all rounds are built with the engagement of players’ wagers that exclude any possible manipulations and corrections. Nobody, including the software developer, is available to scam here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an average round duration?

In general, the length of any round depends on the coefficient that will be generated in advance. For example, if a multiplier is generated for x1.1, the duration of the round will be very short. The round will continue to be in progress until the coefficient growth stops. Usually, it takes from nine to thirty seconds.

What is the smallest allowed wager in Aviator?

A player must bet at least 10 cents to start a round. When a player is becoming more experienced, they tend to increase their bets.

What is the largest allowed bet?

The largest possible bet in Aviator is 100 USD. However, any gambler is allowed to make two bets at the same time, which in turn gives an opportunity to double the winning.

What is the lowest coefficient in Aviator?

The lowest possible multiplier in the game is 1. Note that such a coefficient is very seldom and on average appears one time for every fifty sessions. It is difficult to react on such a multiplier despite your attentiveness, and a player will likely lose a round with such conditions.

How to play Aviator?

Every gambler must define one’s strategy for playing. What is your purpose when you enter Aviator? If you are here for leisure, it would be great to employ low bets that, in turn, will spread your final budget for the larger number of sessions. If you decide to bet for money and raise your budget, think of a certain strategy in advance, including plans B and C if you want to achieve acceptable results.

How to win playing Aviator?

The main thing to remember is the volume of a multiplier that can be profitable or lossmaking. Keep in mind that multipliers x1.20 and lower are detrimental. Therefore, even choosing a discreet and careful strategy, try not to bet less than x1.2. An average good bet is from x1.2 to x2. This tactic ensures a positive win rate even if you lose in other sessions. In case you decide to make bets for x2-x4, you will undergo moderate risk and receive a higher reward if you win. Moreover, if you decide to plunge into x8 and more, it will be considered an area of high risk but, at the same time, a high reward if you succeed.

Another point is that it would be great if you decided on the amount of bets. We recommend having a budget that would be enough for about 200 wagers. For instance, if your average bet is one dollar, your balance should contain 200 dollars. These 200 rounds give you a perfect chance to achieve a positive win rate.

What is the highest coefficient in Aviator?

The maximum possible multiplier in Aviator is x200. Such a coefficient is not a frequent guest of the game, and according to the statistics of the game, it appears once every hour or more.

How to download the Aviator game?

It is impossible to find and download the game separately from an online casino application. The game is an immanent part of such applications. First, you must download an existing online casino application (initially find out if the chosen app contains the Aviator game). Once you are done with an online casino application, you may find the game there and start playing.

How to predict the result of a round in Aviator?

It is impossible to predict any result in the game. There is an opinion among gamblers that there are certain programs that can be handy in forecasting the results, but it is just false statements and mere rumors. We advise our gamblers to build a certain strategy for playing and be attentive during the game sessions. One way or another, your experience will be your best guide.

How to deposit in Aviator?

To deposit the Aviator game, you need to download and install an online casino application that contains the Aviator game. After installation, go through the process of registration, and you will be able to deposit the game.

How to withdraw money from Aviator?

If you want to withdraw money, it means that you have already signed up for some online casino applications. Carefully figure out the methods for money withdrawals offered at your online casino application. Then choose the most convenient one for you and follow the instructions. Money withdrawal requires verification. If you have already gone through the Know Your Customer procedure, no other verification will be needed.

Online Casinos and Aviator Game

You can find the game in many online casinos. Make sure you choose only tried and true platforms to avoid any unpleasant issues. The steps to choose the best online casinos are:

  • Figure out whether a casino is granted a gambling license.
  • Read customer comments and feedback.
  • When reading feedback, focus your attention rather on financial matters than on the technical aspects of a platform.

Your further step is registration when you are ready with your choice. Go through all steps of registration, including the verification of your identity. The verification of your ID is a necessary step if you want to deposit and withdraw your money.

Deposits and Withdrawal in Aviator

All players can deposit and withdraw money only after registration at one of the online casinos that contain the Aviator game. Once you are done with signing up, you may deposit your money in the following way:

  1. Click on the “Deposit” button.
  2. Select the most convenient method of depositing.
  3. Finish depositing by confirming the transaction.

Aviator Demo Version

Sometimes, it is better to discover more of the game in advance. Therefore, many gamblers try a demo version of the game first. The general benefits of the demo version may include the following:

  • Players find out more about the rules and every tiny feature of the game.
  • Gamblers train their reaction, which is required to be on a high level for this game.
  • Users may train a certain strategy and see whether it works or not.
  • Nobody loses real money since the demo version does not imply any deposition.

The demo version allows you to prepare for everything that you may encounter in the game. Keep in mind that you do not win real money in this version in case of a win, but you also don’t lose it in case of a loss.


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