Reviews of the game Aviator 1win

  • The legendary Aviator game has won the love of millions of fans around the world.
  • Aviator is a crash game where an increasing curve can collapse at any moment. With the start of the round, the curve grows, increasing the coefficient. Your task is to make a cashout until the moment when the curve collapses. In the form of a curve, you see an airplane on takeoff, hence the name —Aviator”.
  • The main question is when to make a cashout? Your winnings depend on it. The dilemma is very simple: to withdraw money earlier — the winning coefficient is lower. Stop later— there is a great chance to lose. A lot of players are thinking about strategies for playing Aviator and how to win a slot. Below are player reviews that may help you start playing and winning at Aviator slot at 1win online casino.

Reviews of the game Aviator

Honesty in an Aviator is the main thing for me
Gennady, 40 years old
For me, the control of honesty in online slots is important, and most online casinos do not offer such an option. Here I can copy the number of the online session, enter it on the website of the game creator and be sure that I am not being deceived. This is important because otherwise the chances of winning are minimal. You will still be deceived. When there is integrity control, there is a guarantee that the casino will not deceive you, as it will not interfere in the game process. Although there didn't seem to be any questions by January 1, it was a normal casino.
I like the Aviator game because it is in 1win
Igor, 47 years old
The most important thing in choosing a slot is to choose an online casino. 1 wines have always pleased. It's easy to withdraw money, there are plenty of games. Choose what your heart desires. I rarely play Aviator, I like poker more. But the topic is a test. My friend only plays Aviator.
Aviator — surprises
Nikolay, 36 years old
I lost the first three bets, but I bet 10 rubles each. But the fourth time I was lucky – I won 120 rubles, and then another and another… In short, I raised almost 1 thousand rubles in 10 minutes. While stopped.
Aviator is a powerful passion
Irina, 35 years old
I am a gambling man and an Aviator — 100% a game for gambling people. If you play at an online casino and haven't tried Aviator, then it's like visiting Las Vegas and not going to a local casino.
Aviator is slowly but surely making money
Stas, 19 years old
My friends and I are really raising money on this slot. The rest are very risky… Right there, slowly but surely, you can win.